Questions I often hear...

I'm so busy already and I don't have the time to "study".  How much effort do I have to put into this?  

First of all, I hear you.  I often feel there aren't enough hours in the day too.  The good news is...You get to decide how deep you wanna dive into this course.  You can just watch the daily video that I provide for you or you can take advantage of all the goodies and extra videos that come with it.  I hope you'll be inspired to take advantage of everything the course has to offer.  Another bit of good news....You can revisit the class at anytime.   

 I'm not offering you a quick fix.  Here's the deal...I'm asking you to make small changes everyday so that you and your little one are as healthy as you can be.  And I will give you all of the necessary tools to do so.  But once you've finished the will be up to you to make the changes.  I know you'll want to because, honestly, what's more important than your health and the health of your baby? 

BUT  REMEMBER...Pregnancy is only 40 weeks long and there are no do overs.  Every day counts.  Research shows that the nutritional environment that a baby encounters in the womb will affect their health at birth, infancy and throughout their life.  They also suggest that the environment we are exposed to during utero shapes everything to disease, appetite, metabolism, intelligence and our temperament.  To see studies, click here.  


I eat healthy already - why do I need this class?  

First of all, I'm glad you eat healthy!  Here are what some health-minded moms-to-be had to say about my class that you might find interesting:

"I LOVED IT!!!! It was really informative and even though I've been working on all of this prenatal nutrition stuff for months now I still learned a lot! "

"As an already health-minded mama-to-be, I learned a great deal from this class. I loved getting to know how to incorporate ways, big and small, to keep myself healthy which will make my growing baby healthy and strong. Thank you, Andrea!!"


I'm spending a lot of money preparing for this baby and I just don't know if I want to spend money on a nutrition course.  It's all just too expensive. 

Most people spend way more on their wedding day.

The truth is...prevention is much cheaper than medical bills.  And your baby is only as healthy as your womb.  I created the NEW mom Special so that I can help moms all over the world have healthier babies. 


Can't I just read a book regarding prenatal nutrition, instead of taking this class?

Yes, you can read a book but some women like learning with other women.  And that's a huge part of the class.  I encourage my pregnant moms to reach out to one another through the many discussion rooms.  To ask questions of one another.  To support and love one another.  After-all, we are one big family at Holistically Loved!  


I've already had a baby, why should I do anything different now?

The first ten years of a child's life are so important and you can always make changes to ensure that you and your family are as healthy as can be.  I had a mom of  two girls take my class and this is what she had to say:

"As a mom of older kids, I found this class to be very helpful... I also found this class very inspiring. After taking it, I found myself buying and snacking on more veggies and fruit and thinking twice about what I put in my body and my kids' bodies everyday."

I'm in my 3rd trimester.  Is it too late to take this class?

March Of Dimes

March Of Dimes

It's never too late to start eating well.  In the 3rd trimester your baby's lungs and brain are still maturing.  You can see in the picture to the right, there's a big difference between the brain of a 35 week old fetus vs a 39 - 40 week old fetus.  That's why it's super important that you're eating the right kind of fats so you can help your baby develop a smarter, healthier brain.  Let's not forget that your body is preparing for labor.  I cover all this and much, much more.


Before I got pregnant I always watched what I ate.  I just want to eat what I want now and enjoy my pregnancy.

I understand and I often hear this from other moms-to-be.  These 9 months are critical in the development and permanent wiring of the brain and the function of organs, like the heart, liver, and pancreas.  Junk food does not build healthy babies. 

Research shows that when a mom eats tons of junk food during pregnancy, it literally affects the "feel good response" mechanism in the brain causing these babies to require more fat and sugar in order to get that "feel good" response later in life.  And this leads to all kinds of health issues.  Want to hear something crazy?  Junk food engages the same body chemistry as opium,  morphine and heroin.  So they end up becoming junk food junkies.  Scary right?

Plus.... well nourished moms have less pregnancy complications, easier labors, better recovery and have an easier time getting the weight off. 


Here is what research has to say.

Poor eating habits by moms during pregnancy have been shown to slow the growth of the fetus as well as contribute to the development of long term and often irreversible health issues for the child including obesity, raised levels of cholesterol and blood sugar.  

A recent study by the Harvard Institute of Public Health found that 95 percent of women who consumed a nutritious diet had healthy babies.  In contrast, 65 percent women who ate mainly junk food had premature, malnourished, functionally immature, or stillborn babies.  

Research also supports that what women eat while they are pregnant helps shape their babies taste buds to crave those specific foods throughout life.