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12 Days To A Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby & Beyond

Prenatal Nutrition 101

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Why did you join 12 Days To A Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby & Beyond - Prenatal Nutrition 101?

I joined 12 Days To A Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby & Beyond shortly after having my son in an effort to really understand the effects that nutrition has on a growing baby.  I took very good care of myself when I was pregnant; healthy food and lots of exercise, however I believe there are always things to learn and do differently.  I also plan to get pregnant again, so the course was perfect for me in terms of the access that I was given to new information, recipes and interesting topics like Epigenetics. 

How did you start implementingthe information you learned from the class and see changes?

Immediately!  Prior to having my son, I was pretty lax about my diet.  I didn't eat poorly; I just wasn't as mindful about the effects that good nutrition has on your ability to become pregnant.  It was absolutely fascinating to learn that a fetus actually draws from what the Mother has eaten for months prior to conception!  Because of this course, I am now much more careful about what I put into my body.  I also have a much better understanding about how certain vitamins, minerals, and food groups affect a growing baby.  While my son is perfect, I do believe that the information that I acquired through this course will make my next experience with pregnancy so much better- for both me and the baby. 

Did you find the flexibility (self-paced) of program to be of value to you? 

The flexibility of the course was absolutely invaluable!!  Being able to access the information at my own pace without having to leave my home was amazing.  As a busy Mom, the idea of adding another thing to my plate was a bit overwhelming.  However, the way the course is structured made it so easy....I really didn't feel like I was taking on too much at all.  If things got hectic at home, it was always reassuring to know that I could pick up the class in a few days without falling behind or missing any information.  What a brilliant idea!    

Are program materials helpful for you?

Absolutely!  Having access to the slides as a quick reference was so helpful.  I still refer to the materials that I printed out while taking the class!  The materials were relevent and succinct and were a great compliment to what I was learning in the podcasts. 

Did the class provide opportunities to get individualized answers to questions that you had specifically about your pregnancy?

Because the class was interactive, there were many opportunities to ask questions and initiate discussions.  I think that is such a great feature of this course!

While I didn't actually ask any questions while taking the course, I would often go into the chat areas from time to time to see what the other mom's were discussing.  I was impressed with how quickly the questions were addressed and answered.  I also felt like the answers were thoughtful and specific to what was being asked.

Would you recommend the program to other families?  

Yes, Yes and yes!!!!!  Dear Moms to Be, I cannot speak more highly about Wholistic Beginnings online course: 12 Days to a Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby and Beyond. It was incredibly educational, informative, and relevant to the questions that most pregnant women have.  Andrea's teaching style is engaging, well organized, and outright FUN!  She makes something as complex as Epigenetics easily understandable and super interesting to learn about!  Her passion for Moms and babies comes through the moment the first video begins.  The course is easy to navigate and is set up in a way where you can go at your own pace.  This class is a MUST for women who are currently pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant in the future!  - Yvonne, mother of Sully

OMG - this course is AMAZING!!!   Love how easy breezy you are about all of the info - it makes information so much more palatable to preggos and new moms.  "Baby Steps"... just perfect!!  - CARON, mother of Nolan  

I have to admit that at first I wasn’t so sure about taking this class.  I figured it would be the same information that is regurgitated to pregnant couples time and again.  But I was wrong.  I’m glad my wife talked me into it.  I learned so much new information in this class.  Yes, it’s geared towards pregnant women but it’s so much more.  Everyone should take this course.  My favorite part was learning about our microbiome and also the epigenetics class.  Discovering that we’re not slaves to our DNA was life changing for me.  This class got me excited to make changes in my everyday life.  Highly recommend it.   - JACK (soon-to-be dad)


I LOVED IT!!!!  It was really informative and even though I've been working on all of this prenatal nutrition stuff for months now I still learned a lot!  - Kovan  (soon-to-be mom)


As an already health-minded mama-to-be, I learned a great deal from this class. I loved getting to know how to incorporate ways, big and small, to keep myself healthy which will make my growing baby healthy and strong. Thank you, Andrea!! - Corinne  (3rd trimester)

As a mom of older kids, I found this class to be very helpful. Andrea presents complex information in a clear, warm and very accessible way. It didn't feel like a class so much as getting great advice from a good friend. I also found this class very inspiring. After taking it, I found myself buying and snacking on more veggies and fruit and thinking twice about what I put in my body and my kids' bodies everyday. - Claudia (mom of 2)


This is a great class with tons of really useful information all in one place. It's obvious how much Andrea cares about women going through fertility and pregnancy. Great job!  - Michelle (2nd trimester)


So much helpful information and even includes recipes to try! I feel much more confident in my pregnancy knowing that I'm eating and doing the best I can for my baby. Thanks so much, Andrea! - Stacy (1st trimester)

I had no idea how much my baby could be effected by what I was putting in my body AS WELL as by what my husband puts into his body!  "12 Days To A Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby & Beyond- Prenatal Nutrition 101" helped me to not only be more conscious of what I am consuming but broke it down to suggested amounts and types of foods to help me have the healthiest baby possible.  It also helped me understand why certain foods are good and/or bad for my baby.  - Lindsey (2nd trimester)

Why did you join 12 Days To A Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby & Beyond - Prenatal Nutrition 101?

I joined because I was overwhelmed by all of the information out there regarding what to eat during pregnancy and even more importantly what NOT to eat.  I was also so confused by which supplements I should be taking and the proper amounts.

How did you start implementing  the information you learned from the class and see changes?

The most important thing for me I've realized is to plan ahead.  With my schedule being so busy it was overwhelming to think of another thing to have to do.  As long as I put aside a few hours each week to grocery shop, and prepare some grab-n-go snacks, etc. I feel better and know that I am meeting all the requirements my little one needs.

Did you find the flexibility (self-paced) of program to be of value to you? 

Yes!! It was so nice to be able to log on when it was convenient to my schedule but still have the structure I need in order to be held accountable.

Are program materials helpful for you?

The materials provided were extremely helpful as well as the variety of materials.  It was nice to just sit back, relax and absorb a video and some times it was nice to read an article, etc.

Did the class provide opportunities to get individualized answers to questions that you had specifically about your pregnancy?

Yes the group discussions were great to get other parent's feedback as well as Andrea's feedback.  I felt free to ask any questions I had and did not feel like I would be judged for asking.

Would you recommend the program to other families?
Yes!  Especially if this is your first pregnancy!  The information put in front of you can be overwhelming and Andrea does a great job at breaking it down into bite sized pieces. - Pamela, mom of Evelyn