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Dear Mom-To-Be, 

Throughout my years of being a doula and a certified child birth educator, I've been asked a ton of question from my expecting moms, like:  

  • When should I make an appointment to see a doctor?
  • What about health insurance?  
  • What's the difference between a doctor and a midwife?  
  • When will I be showing?
  • How much weight should I gain? 
  • When will this morning sickness end?  
  • What should I eat?  
  • Is there anything I should avoid?  
  • What tests do I have to do? 
  • How will I know I'm in labor?
  • Am I having contractions?
  • What can I do to get through labor? 
  • What questions should I ask?

It was all of these questions that made me think that I needed to get information out to more and more moms. And so, here you will find answers to all of these questions and more. If you're an expecting mom, I'm pretty sure this is gonna be helpful!

But first thing's first: I want to make sure you're eating well because good nutrition during pregnancy is the foundation of your baby's health. For basic tips, check out my blog 12 Tips to Eating Healthy During Pregnancy. And if you really want to know how to have a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, easier labor and better recovery, consider 12 Days To A Health Pregnancy, Healthy Baby & Beyond—Prenatal Nutrition 101 Class.


Reduce stress; love yourself as if you were your own child. You and your baby will benefit!



Pregnancy is a time when you need lots of support, love, comfort, affection, healthy-nourishing foods, rest, and a stress-free environment. Be your own best friend, take care of you and your growing baby.  



For more information regarding pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding, newborn, and much more…check out the archives.

Don't forget to check out 12 Days To A Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby & More— Prenatal Nutrition 101. Your baby is worth it!