Client Love


Andrea's techniques, tips and tools will help parents starting into the journey of a lifetime: parenthood.  Her calm, casual, yet straightforward approach makes you feel empowered and ready for birth and parenting. 

— Catherine, CEO of


I can't express how lucky I feel to have had Andrea by my side through the birth of my daughter.  She is THE most beautiful person I have ever met.  Andrea was knowledgeable, reassuring, thoughtful and most of all warm.  The first day that I met Andrea, I could feel how passionate she was about supporting mothers during their pregnancies and birth experiences.  She was always steps ahead of me during labor and was thus able to offer me exactly what I needed in every moment.  My husband was a little nervous about the idea having a doula, but after meeting Andrea he knew that she was going to be such an asset to our experience.  I honestly could not imagine doing this without her.  

— Paige

Thank you so much for your invaluable information and support!  We are so thankful to have met you, you are amazing! It was so great to share Greta's birthday with you. We will definitely stay in touch.

— Love and hugs, Sara and Dana

Andrea Abenoza-Filardi is a very spiritual being who honored the spirits of both my children.  We were lucky to have hired her as our Nanny for many years.  She always treated them holistically, and we were able to avoid antibiotics with both of them.  My son, now grown, lives a healthy life in China with a great immune system, that I give Andrea credit in building.  Her intuition and sincerity helping my children and her vast interest in the natural approach most likely stems from her mother.  The second generation knowledge was appreciated.  I wished I had Andrea's website when I was pregnant and my kids were little.  Her advice and love was always in sync not only with the child and our beliefs but with mother nature's surreptitious solutions to any problem we encountered.  

— Cindy

The way Andrea was able to guide us through the birth of our son was amazing.  She knows everything their is to know about childbirth and walked us through it effortlessly.  I am a very hard person to please and not only did she put up with my difficulties she made the process fun, explained everything in a way that was easy for a dummy like me to understand.  Again — things couldn’t have gone better because of her.  

— Brian


Andrea basically helped us raise all 3 of our kids until this point in our lives.

My kids are teenagers now.  When they were sick, she would go into our kitchen and throw together some magical, healthy remedy for them.  They always knew that when Drea was there that everything would be just fine.  Over the years, I have learned so much from her about living and eating healthy.   She truly changed our eating habits and our lives.  Trust me!  You can really count on her!   She has got the magic touch.  She knows what she is talking about and she loves what she does!   

— XO Michelle

Where do I even begin?!?!

I met Andrea over 20 years ago when she was teaching a kid's gymboree type of class in Montrose, CA.  My oldest, Jeffrey immediately clicked with her!  She was so funny and creative. It didn't take long for me to realize that she would be a wonderful babysitter.  She became not only the BEST babysitter ever, but also a lifelong friend.  Drea was there to help me with Jeffrey and with Steven, who was just a baby at the time.  She also was there as soon as my youngest, Timothy was born. 

Whenever Andrea came to babysit, it was not the typical babysitting time whatsoever.  I always knew she would do a craft with them, some sort of exercise and always some sort of cooking experiment! Never a dull moment in my house when Drea and her little sister Dimi came to play. 

Recently, my middle son Steven was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  He is 21 now.  I called Drea and we met right away.  She had been up all night researching Lymphoma and ways to fight it.  When we met the next day, she had a whole plan prepared for Steven to help his body fight the cancer.  She gave us love, support, recipe books, green power stuff, vitamins, a Vita-mix, smoothie tips, and the list goes on and on.  I couldn't believe how well versed she was on the nutrition piece to fight disease.  My husband and I cried afterwards. Andrea cares so deeply.  She is such an amazing person and friend. 

My boys who are now 24, 21 and 17 love to boast that their babysitter when they were little, was a model.  In my eyes, she is beautiful BOTH inside and out. How blessed our family is to know her.  We love you Drea!!!      

— Julie                     

Having Eva was the joy of my life.  Scared yes, alone out here in La without the Greek family back east to comfort me as the due date approached but thanks to you and all your love, knowledge, Greek influence and calming approach to having a baby got me through one of the biggest milestones in my life.  I am forever grateful to you and will never forget you, ever.

I never felt shy to ask questions that seemed crazy about birth, the process or the expectations. You always knew what to say to me as well as to Mickey.  In the delivery room you were a godsend.  Between the massage and essential oils and healing love I can't imagine doing it without you! 

Thank you so much for being there and truly being an angel in my life to help me along.  

— xo Tammy


We just wanted to thank you for all the amazingly helpful and reassuring work you did with both of us to prepare for baby Theo's birth. I don't think I would have had the birth I wanted without you there, and I know you were supporting not only me but my husband too.

I always love your positive energy and your generous and loving heart. You are great at what you do and I will definitely refer you to everyone I know!

                - Joanna, David and Baby Theo

Andrea was an invaluable assets to me during my pregnancy and birth.  I instantly felt comfortable with Andrea and had no problem speaking to her about anything.  Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable but she was always available for me. She was especially helpful during my pregnancy.  Being a first time Mom I was overrun with anxieties, mostly about giving birth.  This happened so often that I started to dread my due date.  Luckily I had Andrea to call, she always dealt with me in a patient and nurturing fashion.  She helped me work through each problem as they came, allowing me to move past the fear and enjoy my pregnancy .  My baby was also in breached and I was adamant about not having a Cesarean.  Andrea had excellent exercise ideas that worked!   At 36 weeks my son went into the correct birthing position.  During my delivery many unexpected things came up, she handled everything well and helped me and my husband greatly.  I would absolutely recommend Andrea!  

— Love and Miss You,  Amanda


I can not thank you enough for everything that you have done throughout my pregnancy.  From the moment of conception all the way through to the birth, you have been a constant source of support and encouragement. You did such an amazing job educating and preparing me for each stage in pregnancy as well as labor and delivery. Your presence and involvement in Sully's birth was magical.  I am honored that you wanted to be a part of it. I absolutely could not have done it without you, my friend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 

— Love, Yvonne, Brian, and Sully

My experience with Andrea was no less than miraculous. Before, and even during our classes, I felt as if I had no pain tolerance, and was certain that I would have an epidural during my birth.  Andrea brought me through exercises in pain management, educated me in the process of birth and ensured me that I could get through it all.  I still wasn't sure natural birth was for me, but I was open to it. 

On our way to the hospital, I told my husband I would ABSOLUTELY be getting drugs. No doubt!!

When I found myself in the hospital, seven hours after my water broke, asking the nurse to see if I was far enough along to get an epidural, the nurse told me I was 9 1/2 cm and that the baby would be coming within the hour.  Everyone in the room was surprised that I was that far along.  And it was all thanks to Andrea preparing me for birth and making me feel at ease the entire time by massaging my back, making me walk, singing along to my baby-birthing soundtrack and being the most calming influence I could ask for.

I was not planning on having a natural birth.  And I won't say it was easy.  But I can say that if it weren't for Andrea, before, during and after the birth of my son,  I wouldn't have had the amazing memories and sense of strength of going through the process.  She's an angel.  She also took the most amazing (and discreet) videos of the day.  

— Caron

Andrea was the Childbirth Educator and Doula for our first child, Nolan.  We were an IVF couple who had multiple miscarriages and prior to Nolan’s birth.  As any “high risk pregnancy” couples can tell you, it is an incredibly stressful time where it is often hard to decipher good advice from noise and hype.   Andrea was incredibly well versed and a great calming influence on both of us.  Expecting fathers often have trouble knowing exactly what their role should be during the pregnancy and the day of the birth.  Andrea was able to provide useful advice to both of us without ever making me feel like I was along for the ride (which is common complaint I’ve heard from other expecting fathers).

Her knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and the emotional management of an expecting mother is second to none.  My wife and I commented about how few surprises there were that actual day of the birth because Andrea prepared us so well.  I should also note that my wife did not require any pain medication during Nolan’s birth.  She went into the birth thinking she would try to hold out as long as she could but ultimately give in at the first sign of pain.  Not only did she not need any medication she smiled most of the way through.  That simply would not have happened if we did not meet Andrea.

Nolan is now seven months old.  Extremely happy and active for age and clearly the most important beneficiary of Andrea’s expertise.  I strongly recommend following her advice to the letter and using her as a primary resource during your pregnancy.   

— Bill


Where do I begin? Jamie and I (and Gia) can't even begin to express how thankful we are for you and all your help through my pregnancy, postpartum and of course in the arrival of little Gia. You have been SO supportive and we all just want to thank you and let you know how blessed we feel to have you in our lives.  

— We love you! Juli

Thank you!  You were amazing!  I couldn't imagine what it would have been without you! You were our rock and spirit! You will always be an extension of my family.  Thank you.  

— Jamie

I cannot say enough amazing things about Andrea, and Wholistic Beginnings!  She is amazing, and her passion for mothers and babies is truly inspiring.  I just had my first baby, and the resources that her website provided during my pregnancy and during the first 6 weeks of having a newborn were invaluable.  I learned so much, and it gave me confidence in how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to care for a newborn, and how take care of myself, and my husband through the whole process of pregnancy and birth. The 12 Days to a Healthy Pregnancy online class was particularly helpful, and I learned a lot from it.

Andrea was also my doula, and helped prepare me for and get me through a VERY difficult birth experience.  I couldn’t have done it without her, and can’t imagine having had anyone else assisting my husband and me through this crazy journey.  She was supportive, nurturing, and assertive through the entire process.  She not only helped prepare us with private birthing classes, but was available throughout my entire pregnancy to answer questions, let me vent (this one was huge! Lol), ease my anxiety, and help me come up with a solid birth plan that felt right for me.  She also prepared me mentally and emotionally for the birth not going according to plan, which in my case was incredibly helpful because nothing did!  Her emotional wisdom, knowledge, and experience are incredible. And she served not only as an incredible support system for me, but for my husband as well, which I thought was really special.  Dads often get neglected in the whole childbirth process, but Andrea made sure he felt included and connected.  The three of us were like one big birthing unit!

It is evident that her role as a doula and childbirth educator is not just a job to her, but a calling.  She is incredibly kind and compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I continue to use the Wholistic Beginnings website for health tips to help me on my parenting journey, and will definitely be using her doula services during my next pregnancy as well.  Andrea rocks!  

— Kristin