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Pregnancy Tips For Weeks 33 – 37 Hang In There! You are almost there!

Pregnancy Tips For Weeks 33 – 37   Hang In There!  You are almost there!

At this point, there is no doubt that your mind and body are all about the upcoming birth.  Hang in there; you’re almost there!  You can’t imagine getting bigger but, believe it or not, you and the baby still have some growing to do.   Most moms begin to feel anxious.  They want the baby out of their belly and into their arms.  But good things are worth waiting for!

Your baby shower is probably happening right about now, which will be exciting and give you a little boost!  Newborn babies do not need much!  All they really need is a car seat, basic baby clothes, a safe place to sleep, receiving blankets, diapers, your breast milk and your warm skin!!  Even though you’ll want to

Pregnancy Tips For Weeks 38 – 40+

Pregnancy Tips For  Weeks 38 – 40+

38 weeks is considered full-term so you are definitely in the home stretch!  I hope your bags are packed for the hospital and ready to go.  At this point, you will be going through all kinds of emotions.  You’re more than likely tired of being pregnant.  Probably having some anxiety about labor.  Excited to meet your new baby.  Some mothers crave solitude.   You may be more sensitive.  You might be worried that everything isn’t perfectly ready at home for the arrival of the baby.  You may feel tired and you may have trouble getting comfortable.  You may feel new pelvic pressure, feeling different kicks and have general aches and pain.  Don’t freak if you begin to lose a 1-2 lbs.  It’s normal...