The Surprising Health Benefits of Rose Tea


I love having my nieces and nephews over and teaching them the benefits of herbs and letting them come up with their own recipes for tea.  It's so great to see what they come up with and then tasting them all.  Sometimes they are surprisingly delicious and other times, not so much.  But here is a simple, good for you tea recipe with one ingredient. Rose pedals.

This tea has become a welcomed favorite in my house.  Everyone loves it and the health benefits are amazing.  Who knew?


Health Benefits of Roses

Rose pedals are a mild sedative (good for calming and soothing your nerves), antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic.  Rose pedals are a supportive tonic for the heart and great for lowering cholesterol.

The anti-septic nature of rose pedals makes them a wonderful treatment for wounds, bruises, and rashes. When taken internally they are a great treatment for sore throats or ulcers. They can stimulate the liver and increase the appetite and circulation.

Got the flu?  Rose can lower your body temperature to help bring down a fever or cool you down in the hot summer.  It's antiviral qualities are perfect to use during the cold and flu season.

Muscle cramps?  Rose helps relieve spasms in the respiratory tract (asthma or coughs), in the intestinal tract (cramping, constipation), and in the muscles (sports injuries and muscle cramps).

Rose petals also help regulate menstrual cycles.

+++ Don't drink during pregnancy because it can cause uterine contractions.+++


How to make it?

Use 2 tsp of rose pedals per cup of hot water. And brew.  Cover and steep for 10 minutes. It's as simple as that.  You can add a touch of honey if you would like.

You only want to uses organic rose pedals that are free from herbicides and pesticides.  

  • You can buy organic red rose pedals here and here.
  • To buy organic pink rose pedals, click on this link or this one


Enjoy the magic of rose tea! 


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