How to PrepareFor a Cesarean Birth / C-Section, Part 1

How to PrepareFor a Cesarean Birth / C-Section, Part 1

Today I would love to share with you ways to prepare for a Cesarean Birth.  Sometimes they are planned and sometimes they’re not.  A cesarean is not something to be scared of but it is a procedure that you should be educated on no matter what because they do happen.  Knowledge is power.  And the more you understand… the better prepared you can be.  And the more you can participate, the better off you’ll feel.

Postpartum Recovery: Moms' Secrets To Making It Easier

Q & A time!  I’m 35 weeks pregnant and would like to know… What are the recovery must haves for a mom who just gave birth? Cesarean or a Vaginal birth. I wanna be prepared so I can make my postpartum recovery as easy as possible!  Great Question!  Because this is such an awesome question I decided to ask a bunch of experienced moms their must have list and here is what they had to say!  

Pregnancy Tips For Weeks 38 – 40+

Pregnancy Tips For  Weeks 38 – 40+

38 weeks is considered full-term so you are definitely in the home stretch!  I hope your bags are packed for the hospital and ready to go.  At this point, you will be going through all kinds of emotions.  You’re more than likely tired of being pregnant.  Probably having some anxiety about labor.  Excited to meet your new baby.  Some mothers crave solitude.   You may be more sensitive.  You might be worried that everything isn’t perfectly ready at home for the arrival of the baby.  You may feel tired and you may have trouble getting comfortable.  You may feel new pelvic pressure, feeling different kicks and have general aches and pain.  Don’t freak if you begin to lose a 1-2 lbs.  It’s normal...