Attention New Moms! Did You Know That A Postpartum Doula Can Help You Get More Sleep?


Are you a new mom? Exhausted?  Need some sleep? 

There are two experts that can help, a sleep trainer and a postpartum doula.  But keep in mind that they are both great but they are more beneficial at different times.  

There is no doubt that having a new baby is exhausting!  If you are looking to catch some ZZZ’s after the birth of your baby skip the sleep trainer and head to a local postpartum doula.  While I think Sleep Education services are valuable, many times a postpartum doula can help you out with some extra sleep.  Here are three ways they can help:


The benefits of hiring one.

First, many postpartum doulas are well-educated in the information I teach to parents and doulas alike.  In fact there may be a doula in your area who has taken classes from me.

Second, some, but not all postpartum doulas, will help you at night with feedings.  Do keep in mind that if you are nursing you’ll want to nurse throughout the night during the first few weeks; however a doula can do everything else at night including changing diapers so you can maximize your sleep.

Third, she can give you strategies to implement when she is not there to make the night run smoother.


Think you can’t afford a postpartum doula?

Plan ahead by putting aside a little bit of money each month of your pregnancy.  Let your family and friends know a monetary gift towards doula services, in any amount, would be greatly appreciated.  At one baby shower I saw a “tree” where guests were invited to clip a doula donation.  Some doulas charge less for days and more for nights; hire a postpartum doula 2 or 3 days a week for 4 hours.  Ask her guidance for night strategies and take a nap while she is there.  Another option is partial or full bartering with a doula.  While I never bartered for postpartum services I did once barter Sleep Education services for Pilate’s classes.  :-)



In the first few weeks, after birth, a postpartum doula can be much more valuable than a sleep trainer.  A Postpartum doula can offer sleep education and so much more!  Due to the fact that every postpartum doula is different, if sleep strategies are important to you, make this clear while interviewing doulas. 


How many hours of sleep do you need to feel refreshed?  What will you do to get enough sleep once your baby is here?  Do you have a plan?  I would love to hear from you.  If you're an experienced mom, I would love to hear your tips!  We can all learn from each other.  Please leave your comment in the comment box below.  

If you find this information useful please feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones.  

Post By Alissa Gilbertson from IQ Baby. IQ BABY emphasizes sleep and developmental education.  If you would like to work with Elissa, Wholistic Beginnings get a discount rate.  Uses codes Wholisticlasses or Wholistic.


Elissa Gilbertson

My name is Elissa Gilbertson and from the time I was very young I have been drawn to children and infants. I love interacting with them and learning how they develop and the way they think. I am a DONA Postpartum Certified Doula and hold degrees in Psychology and Child Development. For over 15 years I have worked with families and children in a variety of areas including sleep learning, behavior and parent/child communication. Using my background in Child Development and Psychology, as well as my years as a PCD(DONA) I work to balance attachment and attachment parenting with a baby’s biological need for sleep. My goal is to help parents maximize parental enjoyment by minimizing stress and miscommunications. I help parents understand their child on his own level while creating a peaceful environment in which to maximize physical, mental and emotional growth. WHAT MAKES IQ BABY DIFFERENT IQ BABY empahizes education, not sleep training IQ BABY understands the role of attachmet in sleep quality IQ BABY works with your child's current developmental stage IQ BABY plans involve steps, rather than radical changes - protecting attachment. IQ BABY is about understanding your child on his level