Why Sleep Solutions For Your Baby Are Not One-Size-Fits-All


Read all the books on baby sleep?  Endlessly surf the internet searching for the answer to your child’s sleep issue only to be left with more questions than answers?  Take a deep breathe…you are not alone.  Sleep solutions are not one-size-fits-all.


Help! We need more sleep.

Many parents ask, “Is cry-it-out (CIO) bad for a baby or the only way to teach a baby to sleep well?  Which No-Cry method works best so we can all get the sleep we need?  Does No-cry work?” 

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed and confused about whose advice to take on the subject of sleep.  There is a very good reason so many experts say so many different things on the topic.  Sleep is not one-size-fits all.  When adults have sleep issues we don’t hand them the same pill or give them all a CPAP mask for proper breathing at night.  A doctor assesses the issue into, behavioral or medical, and process from there.  Why, then, do most experts assume that all babies will be “fixed” with the same plan?


Babies are as individual as adults.  

Their sleep roadblocks are just as individual as adults.  When one baby sleep expert gives one plan of action this expert is giving a plan of action that will likely work for a particular baby within a certain age range.  Many different sleep plans do work and work well.


The trick is discovering what will work for your baby.

 1) Understand your child’s development and what normal sleep is at their age. How you sleep parent a 6 week old is not how you sleep parent a 6 month old.

2) Understanding your baby’s personality. If you move the right plan along too fast, for your baby, it will appear as though the plan is not working when in fact the only issues is the pace.

3) Look at the cause or roots of sleep roadblocks rather than the problem itself. The cause of one baby’s early mornings or constant night awakenings might not be the cause for another baby.

Resist being discouraged by many different opinions on the subject of sleep.  Take the information you have gathered and use what you know about your baby to find a plan which seems to fit.  If you are having a hard time with this, reach out to a sleep consultant who you feel comfortable with and is NOT one-size-fits-all. 

QUESTION:   What are the baby sleep solutions that work for you or what are you struggling when it comes to getting your little one to sleep?  You're not alone... Please share with us your experience. We would love to hear from you. 

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Post By Alissa Gilbertson from IQ Baby. IQ BABY emphasizes sleep and developmental education.  Wholistic Beginnings get a discount rate if you work with Elissa.  Use codes Wholisticlasses or Wholistic. 


Elissa Gilbertson

My name is Elissa Gilbertson and from the time I was very young I have been drawn to children and infants. I love interacting with them and learning how they develop and the way they think. I am a DONA Postpartum Certified Doula and hold degrees in Psychology and Child Development. For over 15 years I have worked with families and children in a variety of areas including sleep learning, behavior and parent/child communication. Using my background in Child Development and Psychology, as well as my years as a PCD(DONA) I work to balance attachment and attachment parenting with a baby’s biological need for sleep. My goal is to help parents maximize parental enjoyment by minimizing stress and miscommunications. I help parents understand their child on his own level while creating a peaceful environment in which to maximize physical, mental and emotional growth. WHAT MAKES IQ BABY DIFFERENT IQ BABY empahizes education, not sleep training IQ BABY understands the role of attachmet in sleep quality IQ BABY works with your child's current developmental stage IQ BABY plans involve steps, rather than radical changes - protecting attachment. IQ BABY is about understanding your child on his level