Pacifiers & Sleep - What You Should Know

Pacifiers & Sleep

Pacifiers are a great tool; however this tool can also become a negative sleep association.  Soothing a crying baby is a great tool for pacifiers.  Babies love to suck and it is very soothing for them.  The less a baby cries the easier it is for them to get into and stay in sleep; and so using a pacifier to quickly sooth a crying baby is beneficial for good sleep.


Pacifiers are also a great tool for getting a baby drowsy and in a ready state for sleep.  Some babies will become drowsy on the breast or bottle, but sometimes, or often, it’s not enough.  Using a pacifier while rocking your baby can help put your baby over the edge, getting them into a drowsy state for sleep.

 A third use for a pacifier is appeasing a baby’s need to suck beyond their caloric intake need.  In the first few weeks after birth some babies just need to suck A LOT.  These babies are happy to enjoy their new world while sucking on a pacifier.


However if you use a pacifier...

Stay away from allowing your little one to fall asleep with it in his mouth.  Babies who consistently fall asleep with pacifiers in their mouth are much more likely to have several more night awakenings then babies who do not have such a sleep association.  These babies come to a lighter stage of sleep, go to suck, the pacifier is not there to suck on, and they come to a full awakening asking mom or dad to insert the pacifier or to be nursed back down.

If your child is already used to falling sleep with the pacifier try removing it while in a very drowsy state BEFORE transferring your child to a crib or bed.  If your child protests place it back in his mouth, let him suck back into a drowsy state and remove it again.  You may need to repeat this action for a while; it’s okay.  It took a while for your child to develop this habit, it may take him a while to learn how to go from drowsy to asleep without the aid of a pacifier. 

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