A Parents Must Have Childproofing Checklist

As a parent one of the best things you can do is childproof your home before your baby starts crawling.  Because believe me, those little suckers (I mean that with love) are FAST and curious!  They love getting into everything, high and low.  But where do you start?  I'm very excited because I just found this awesome Childproofing Checklist and I thought you would find it handy.  The best part is that it's broken down by developmental stages/ age.   You can download it at the bottom of this blog.  Hope it makes your life a little easier. 


Childproofing Checklist by Developemnt / Age


You can download this info here

Question:  Have you started childproofing yet?  If you have what have you done?  Please reply in the comment box below. xoxo