Expecting? Learn How to Reduce Your Fear of Childbirth



Lots of expecting moms feel fearful, anxious and nervous about childbirth

There are many factors that can lead to these feelings.  But the 3 main ones are:

  • Not knowing what to expect during childbirth.  
  • Listening to bad/horrible labor stories.  
  • Watching movies and TV shows portraying childbirth.


Fear Busters

Not knowing what to expect during childbirth.  Fear of the unknown is nerve racking but one of the BEST things you can do is to learn about childbirth.  Take a childbirth education class whether you plan on having a medicated or non-medicated birth.  Watch movies like  The Business Of Being Born and  Birth As We Know It.  Read childbirth books.  Mentally understanding the process makes it less scary.

Listening to bad/horrible labor stories.  Don't do it!!!  Moms love sharing their birth stories, especially difficult ones.  I love hearing them and I have heard a lot of them.  But for a first time, expecting mom, a lot of those birth stories can be scary.  What I can tell you from experience is that birth stories are unique to that mom and baby.  It doesn't mean you'll have that same experience.  I can't stress to you how important it is to become educated regarding childbirth.  You might want to check out a blog I wrote called Birth Stories - Should You Listen To Them? 

Watching movies and TV shows portraying childbirth.  Unfortunately lots of men and women learn about childbirth through the media.  Remember that DRAMA sells!!  And so does laughter.   What causes drama and laughter in TV shows and movies?  An angry, heavily breathing, sweating, cursing, out of control woman who is screaming at her husband and everyone else in the room.  Childbirth doesn't really look like that. 

I can tell you that birth can be boring, empowering, long, peaceful, beautiful, powerful, transformative, sexual, pleasurable, quiet, loving, fast, loud, bonding, exciting, amazing, and uneventful until the baby arrives.  Yes, sometimes situations arise that need immediate attention and a change of plans.  But that's more rare than the norm.  Birth is unpredictable and can't be planned.  It needs to be approached openly and with you surrendering to its power and getting out of your head.  Your body and the baby knows exactly what to do and when to do it.  It truly becomes a dance between you and your baby.  

Checkout these short birth movies by Jodie Myers, birth videographer.  She really captures the normalcy of birth...here are some videos of home births, hospital births and even a breech birth


Lets get started fear busting...

Ina May Gaskin is a well known midwife and I have had the pleasure to meet her and hear her speak twice. And every time I learn something new!!!  This is a lecture she gave at TED X on Reducing Fear in the US in Childbirth. 



Reducing Fear in the US in Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin


Ina May Talking About Natural Childbirth