From Womb to World: The Journey That Shapes Our Life


From Womb to World is about how pregnancy and childbirth is a journey that shapes our lives. I have attended 2 of Ana Verwaal's workshops and it really opened my eyes and gave me a whole new perspective on pregnancy as well as childbirth.  

Anna Verwaal, RN, CLE, Certified Lactation Educator, Doula, maternal-child health nurse, conscious conception and birth consultant, primal period educator, midwifery and doula instructor, and birth photographer.   After a long nursing career in various countries and in obstetrical and home-health settings, she started From Womb to World birth consulting services.  Anna has attended hundreds of high-risk hospital deliveries and natural births at home.   Her research on the long-term effects of conception, nine months in the womb, and birth experience have evolved into an educational and healing perspective regarding the journey that shapes our lives.  Anna currently teaches internationally on the hormonal physiology of childbirth, the cellular memory of conception, the womb and birth experience, birth psychology, and the emotional and spiritual aspects of childbirth.  She also consults, via phone or Skype, with clients from around the world.

Watch her talk on TED and learn for yourself.