7 Easy Tips on How to Create an Eco Friendly Nursery


Now that your baby is on the way and you are gearing up to decorate the room, here are 7 easy tips on how to create the perfect EcoChic Nursery by using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

We know you care about the health of your little one, and so do we. So we have included links for you to actually find these great eco friendly products!



1.  Paint the walls of the nursery with environmentally friendly paint that doesn’t release poisonous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Look for ZERO VOC paint made from all-natural ingredients such as mineral pigments, beeswax, plant oils, crushed limestone, soy resins and buttermilk.
 *Sherwin-Williams Paint and *Dunn Edwards

2.  Brighten up the floors with a colorful area rug! Choose nontoxic carpets and area rugs made from natural, untreated fibers such as wool, organic cotton, hemp and jute. Their synthetic (and no biodegradable) counterparts can harbor up to 120 toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. 
Find at: *Potterybarn Kids

3.  If installing new flooring: Choose hardwood floors made from sustainably managed forests [FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood] and finish them with a nontoxic or natural sealant. Wall-to-wall carpeting (even if it is eco-friendly) isn’t ideal because they trap mold, dust mites, and other allergens. If you absolutely want carpet, choose natural fibrous (like 100% wool) carpet and be sure to clean/vacuum frequently. 
  Find at: *Eco Friendly Flooring

4.  Pick a baby mattress made with wool casings or organic cotton filling. Regular mattresses contain harmful and potentially cancer-causing fire retardants such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), in addition to equally suspect stain- and moisture-resistant chemicals. 
Find at: *Savvy Baby™ by Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses


5.  Dress the crib with organic all-cotton bedding. Conventional cotton is one of the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crops in the world and the chemicals could irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.
Find at: *Baby & Kids – Restoration Hardware    

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6.  Furniture! Look for cribs, changing stations, bookcases that are made from nontoxic materials and/or finishes. Avoid furniture made with plywood, particle board, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) because they often contain formaldehyde in their glues. Used furniture more than a few years old, however, is likely to have released all its harmful chemical fumes by the time it’s ready for baby, so those are fine (and affordable) options next to buying furniture made from solid wood, wicker or rattan. Find at: Oeuf, Q Collection, Kalon Studios, Spot on Square, Roebuck Studio are all great places that make eco-friendly nursery furniture. 
Find these brands at: *Baby Earth – Eco-friendly furniture, clothes, toys, gear, products

7.  Choose window treatments that are made with organic/non toxic materials, such as 100% cotton. Black out shades are key for infants, so be sure to use black out drapes or shades that do not have any plastic or synthetic properties. 
Find at: Carousel Designs


Written by Dimitra Dorbacopoulos at EcoChic Nursery Designs.