Need Breastfeeding Reassurance? Here Are the Best Breastfeeding Videos to Help You Get It Right!


Hang in there!  Breastfeeding is worth it!! Yes, it's normal to feel all you do is nurse!!  It's important that your baby feeds every 2 - 3 hours. If breastfeeding is new to you and your little one, remember that it takes practice to get things just right! Most first time moms need a little reassurance from time to time especially if a breastfeeding issue comes up,  you will need a little advice.

Here are videos that have helped many of my other moms.

Many areas have lactation consultants that can come to your house and give you support.  Also post-partum doulas are trained in breastfeeding, so they can be a big help too.  To locate a lactation consultant or a postpartum doula look below for information. 


Here are the best breastfeeding videos I have come across.  They are from the International Breastfeeding Center ( IBC ).  

They have all kinds of videos on:

Click below to go to videos.  The best part is that they offer the videos in several different languages. 

You can do it! Be patient and get help if you need it!