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Dear Mom & Dad, 

We all love a baby when they are smiling and staring into your eyes; my heart is melting just thinking about it. But what about those times when their inner monster comes out, screaming and crying. UGH… 

All new moms and dads know what I am talking about. Believe it or not, this type of baby behavior is actually normal. Did you know that babies are born with inborn cues and body language that they use from the minute they are born? It's true and very cool! Learning these cues can help keep the inner monster at bay. But just know that the inner monster will still come out — even with careful observations.

Am I in Baby Boot Camp or Something?

YES! The first year is hard, but the first three months are even harder. I always hear from my mamas that 1) they wished their baby came with a set of instructions and 2) that they didn't expect motherhood to be this hard, or even suck at times. But as you know, there are so many wonderful and amazing moments too. And the good news is that you will get through the rough times. It does get easier. Your baby is teaching you how to be in the moment, big time. Keep in mind that you will find a groove, the dust will settle and you will return to a new normal.  

Do the following questions ring a bell and sound similar to ones on your mind:

  • How often should my baby eat?

  • How long should she be sleeping for?

  • How do I know she is getting enough to eat?

  • When can I sleep train?

  • When should I give her, her first bath?

  • How do I change her diaper?

  • When can I give her solids?

If so, you've come to the right place. And if so, that's an awesome thing because it simply means you want to be the best you can be, and learn as much as you can. 



1. Warmth in the arms of its mother.

2. Food from her breasts.

3. Security in the knowledge of her presence.

Breastfeeding satisfies all three!

— Grantly Dick-Read (Obstetrician) 


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